1359 Broadway
Building Access

Security Cards

Each employee is required to use a security card or the Kastle Presence App to gain access to the building at all times. Requests for security cards should be submitted via the online work order system.

Each individual is also required to make an appointment with the Building Management Office to have their photo taken, at 212-244-3125. Photos are visible by the Building/Security personnel at the Security/Concierge Desk upon accessing the reader panel when entering the building.

To ensure your security as well as that of other Tenants, we ask that security access cards be returned to the Building Management Office for individuals no longer in your employ and that you contact Kastle Systems at 212-824-3800/ 3815 in order for these individuals be deleted from the system.

ID Badge Procurement Instructions

Kastle Presence App

The KastlePresence App can be downloaded to your smartphone to gain access to the building by simply scanning your phone to the lobby card access card reader. Please see KastlePresence Instructions.

Visitor Registration

Our Contactless Registration with Kastle Visitor feature allows you to send a QR code to your visitors phone which can be used to gain access to the building by having your guest scan their phone at the lobby card reader. Please see Kastle Visitor Registration instructions.